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Dbminfotech knows how to make clients more successful by adapting and implementing proven, solution sets to maximize the efficiency and overall business performance of manufacturing companies. Our pool of Manufacturing professionals have in depth experience in developing robust, scalable, technologically advanced and fault tolerant solutions involving financial analytics & business intelligence, cloud adoption and enterprise mobility. Dbminfotech has assisted in developing custom software solutions for both large and medium scale manufacturing companies that cover the key Manufacturing management aspects, including planning, execution & control and process industries.

Below are the solutions we have created for the manufacturing industry: 

• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) • Product Lifecycle Management
• Automated Workflow Solution • Asset Management Solution
• Manufacturing Resource Planning • Quality Management Solution
• Supply Chain Management • Material Tracking Systems

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The ever increasing retail industry comprises establishments engaged in selling merchandise or commodities for personal or household consumption, mainly consisting of apparel and accessories, technology, food and beverages, home improvement, specialty, pharmaceuticals, and others need a experts to create and excellent market place for them to reach out globally. Our high-quality, cost-effective and highly configurable e-commerce solutions have helped retailers, hospitality and forecourt businesses worldwide to optimize their business practices, increase revenue and satisfy old and new customers – easier, simpler and faster.

Below are the solutions we have created for the retail Industry: 

• Catalogue Management • Franchise Management
• Sales Force Automation • Inventory Management
• Kiosk • Mail Order
• Merchandising • Order Entry
• Order Management • Point of Sale
• Rental • Retail Management Systems

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The healthcare ecosystem calls for a complex application of technology for delivering effective and timely care services.dbm infotech offers a wide variety of services to different players in the healthcare industry. Dbminfotech has assembled a wealth of experience in developing software for the Healthcare industry. We offer our client an array of technology capabilities, strong healthcare domain knowledge and deep expertise in healthcare software engineering.

Below are the solutions we have created for the healthcare industry: 

• EMR/EHR Solutions • Hospital Management System
• Hospital Information System • Remote Patient Monitoring System
• Medical Claims Management • Medical Billing Solution
• Clinical Business Intelligence Solutions • Finance and Accounting
• Pharmaceutical Software • Laboratory Information Management System
• Patient Flow Monitoring System • Clinical Decision Support System

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We provide innovative solutions for education domain, with easy access to personal and academic information, through series of designed solutions. We design conceptions and implement solutions for Educational Institutions. Our designed solutions facilitate Students, Institutions and community through our personalized environment and we also help them to raise service levels to a consistent high standard, globally.

Below are the solutions we have created for education industry: 
• School/College management • Library management
• Attendance management • Student/Teacher Profile
• Admission management • Hostel Management
• School fleet management • Online exam portal

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Transportation & Logistics.

Companies today are challenged to streamline their transportation and logistics management processes to maximize efficiencies, customer satisfaction and profit margins. Transportation Management and Logistics Management solutions from DBM Software effectively manage the entire closed-loop transportation process — from long-range strategies and operational planning to day-to-day execution.With our broad and deep business IT knowhow, we can integrate or build custom software to create a comprehensive, robust business environment for you.

Below are the solutions we have created for transportation & logistics industry: 

• Fleet Management • Freight Management
• GIS solutions • GPRS solutions
• Fleet tracking solutions • Supply chain management
• Inventory Management • Warehouse Management

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